Learning major and minor piano chords is the foundation in all types of music. Probably, the song that you heard on the radio today was using these types of chords. Here is a simple breakdown of how everything fits together:

Scales (melody) →chords (harmony) →chord progressions→SONG

Believe it or not, it’s as simple as that!

I want to give you the easiest and shortest route possible to learning to play the piano without you having to worry about all that extra piano theory. I spent years trying to learn to play the piano and I know what it takes. What took me years to understand will take you no more a few days to understand! You will be kicking yourself once you discover how easy it is to play the keyboard.

The Plan:

PHASE 1: Just focus only on learning how to form the different scales. In any language, if you want to communicate you first have to learn the vowels, alphabets, pronunciations and meaning. Also, if you want to play piano, you have to learn the language, and once you know the language, everything else becomes easy.

PHASE 2: Just focus on learning how to form you major chords on piano. You see, once you know how to form your major scales on the piano, everything else just so easily falls into place.

Your major scales are the building blocks in forming your chords on piano.

PHASE 3: This is the most interesting part, this is where all you hard work pays dividence. You start here in learning patterns/progressions. The songs you hear on your CD always use progressions. I will show you the secrets to learning these songs and you will realize that it’s not rocket science, at all!

I guarantee you; if you follow these steps, you will be able to understand the basics of learning to play piano in just few weeks, if not days. All of the best my friend!

click here your for lesson 1


  1. Thanks for the simple breakdown..
    Now I know what should I have to study first for piano..

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